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Security Tips

Please note that NO First NBC Bank Representative will contact you and ask for your login username and password.

Install and periodically update a reputable antivirus software.

Browser Recommendations

To ensure optimal security and access to all features in our online banking product, we recommend using one of the following browsers:

Windows Users

  1. Internet Explorer 8.x - download now
  2. Netscape 7.x - download now

Macintosh Users

  1. Netscape 7.x - download now

How do I tell if the site I am on is secure?

Once you get to the site, the Web address will begin with https: ("s" for secure).

The locked padlock at the bottom of the window will confirm the site's increased security. For more details about the encryption status of the page when it was received, click the lock icon.

Important: The lock icon only describes the encryption status of the page while your computer was receiving it.


Phishing, pronounced "fishing", is the use of fraudulent emails purporting to be from your bank or a similar trusted source that lure you to a copy cat website (one that may look just like a familiar trusted site). Once there, you are instructed to "verify" certain personal information, which is then used to hijack your accounts and your identity. If you receive a suspicious email, delete the message and call the bank to inform them of the email.


If you receive an email from customer with the subject line of NetTeller Watch Notice, DO NOT open it. This is a bogus email trying to get customers to click on the embedded NetTeller access link. These emails are not coming from FirstNet. If you should receive this email, DO NOT click on the link. It is recommended to permanently delete the email.

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